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Does USA Helsinki Embassy service suffer from politics?
8 June 2002 (7 June 2002)


FINLAND - USA Embassy in Helsinki is not able to arrange appointments to USA citizens living in Finland in five weeks time. The embassy do not seem to care veterans of war, or is not able to provide all USA people living in Finland the necessary connections to USA corporations in Finland to help employing these people. Believe it or not, but even veterans do like from time to time have a chat with someone from the Embassy, and I am sure the Ambassador will check his diary to correct this unfortunate mistake having taken place.
Politics, family and friendship relations in a small nation… I suppose there is nothing much You can do about these things? Changing few officers from the Embassy would not change anything in the end. The problem must be taken care locally by asking NSA to monitor the Embassy based on complaint.

Åke Tyvi, Apupoika – Business Intelligence Finland



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