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J26, Take the Capital: Call for a Tute-Bianche Style Defence Bloc


A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
Call for a Tute-Bianche Style Defence Bloc


June 26th, Ottawa, Dundonnald Park, 12PM Sharp.
Take the Capital!

As the G8 escapes to their zone of martial law in Kananaskis, join us in Ottawa and adopt a tactic that is proven to be effective, used by such groups as the Ya Basta! Network and the Wombles.

We encourage everyone to wear protection and body armor of every kind: From newspapers, to sports equipment to kevlar, but especially shields and helmets to ensure that the snake march is not overcome by police intimidation tactics such as corralling and dividing the march, undercover snatch squads and mass arrests.

The last anti-capitalist mobilization in Ottawa (Nov 16-17), we witnessed a shocking amount of police force and intimidation. At the beginning of a peaceful march, riot cops attacked the demo with badly trained dogs that mauled a number of protestors, as well as jumping at a baby carriage and a reporter.

OPP riot cops wearing green vests, held loaded MP5 submachine guns with their fingers on the trigger. They were 2 metres away from a zone of chaos where riot cops were grabbing whoever they could. Other cops would point guns with live ammo at protestors to intimidate them.

A citizen's panel made an inquiry into November 17th and found the police used "intimidation and "violence" at the G20 summit in November". We must condemn the police for their sadistic brutality and realize that it could get much worse, who knows when cops will start shooting to kill like G8 Genoa or Gothenburg EU Summit. Who knows what these crazy fuckers will do next?

Who knows when they will decide to shoot at crowds with rubber bullets off of rooftops, even now after rubber bullets have been proven to have the potential to maim or kill.

Well, they already use tazers on unarmed demonstrators in Toronto…

So let's send a message to the armed wing of government, that we will not tolerate their increasing violence and sadism, as well as the chemical, projectile and blunt weapons they plan on using.

Wear a costume of body armor, hide it under a chemical suit if you wish, and when the cops bang on their shields with their sticks in order to terrorise and strike fear into us, we will be able to laugh in their faces, knowing they cannot hurt us.

For June 26th, organise yourselves in affinity groups and be ready to protect yourselves. It is only through mass self-organisation that we can build an empowering demonstration and be able to overcome the unjust force of the Canadian Gestapo.

We refuse to be invisible!

We strive to be invincible!

--------Black Touta----------
----blacktouta (at)



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