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THE CHALLENGE FACING LABOR: Meetings at Socialism 2002

The challenge facing labor: Meetings at Socialism 2002
June 13-16, Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago
The challenge facing labor: Meetings at Socialism 2002

June 13-16, Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago

Saturday, June 15, 2:30 pm: Organizing the South

WITH DONNA DEWITT, South Carolina AFL-CIO LEONARD RILEY, ILA Local 1422, Charleston Five Defense Campaign WAYNE HEIMBACH, Labor Express Radio

Sunday, June 16: 10:00 am: The Fight to Save the UAW

WITH BILLY ROBINSON, former president, UAW Local 2036, Henderson, Ky. GENE AUSTIN, shop chair, UAW Local 594, Pontiac, Mich. JOHN MARTINEZ, UAW Local 22, Detroit

Other labor meetings at Socialism 2002 include: The Haymarket Martyrs -- The Rise of the CIO -- The Teamster Rebellion of 1934 -- Eugene Debs, Labor and Socialism.

Visit for details.

Information on featured speakers:

Donna DeWitt is president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO. A longtime activist in the Communications Workers of America, she is also a leading member of the Labor Party and the South Carolina Progressive Network. DeWitt played a central role in the national campaign to defend the Charleston Five and is a founder of the Campaign for Workers Rights in South Carolina, which opposes the state's anti-union laws and assists union organizing drives. She will speak on "Organizing the South," Saturday, June 15 at 2:30 pm.

Leonard Riley is a veteran activist in International Longshoremen's Association Local 1422, where he has held executive board positions. He was a key organizer in the campaign to defend the Charleston Five (four ILA Local 1422 members and one ILA Local 1771 member who endured 18 months of house arrest for walking a picket line until an international solidarity campaign won their freedom). Leonard, who frequently speaks before labor, student and progressive groups, will join Donna DeWitt on the panel discussion, "Organizing the South," Saturday, June 15 at 2:30 pm.

Billy Robinson is the former president of United Auto Workers Local 2036 in Henderson, Ky. After striking against Accuride Corp. and being locked out in

March 1998, Robinson toured the country to win restoration of strike benefits after the UAW cut them off. Early this year, the UAW eliminated Local 2036 members' benefits again and revoked their union charter. Robinson's speech, "Take Our Unions Back," has been widely read by union activists. It is available at After taking Local 2036's case to the UAW Convention in Las Vegas in early June, he will come to Chicago to speak on "The Fight to Save the UAW," Sunday, June 16 at 10:00 am.

Gene Austin was recently elected shop chair of United Auto Workers Local 594 at the General Motors truck assembly plant in Pontiac, Mich. A 30-year veteran of General Motors, Austin has served in a variety of UAW positions, including committeeman and delegate. He has been centrally involved in a campaign against union corruption in Local 594. Austin is also a former co-chair of the UAW Solidarity Coalition, which supports the locked-out workers at Accuride and fights for union democracy and reform. He will bespeaking with Billy Robinson on "The Fight to Save the UAW," Sunday, June 16 at 10:00 am.

At Socialism 2002, you'll find:

MORE THAN 100 meetings on topics ranging from The Ideas of Karl Marx to Bush's "War on Terror." WORKSHOPS and discussions on Building Solidarity at Work. A BOOK FAIR with hundreds of top titles from leading progressive and socialist publishers. INFORMATION tables on local struggles, grassroots organizations and international solidarity campaigns. FILMS, poetry readings, plays, other entertainment and parties with live bands.

Full weekend registration: $75. Day rates and individual meeting rates also available (a limited number of need based scholarships are also available) For more information and to register online, visit our Web site at or write us at socialism2002 (at)

SOCIALISM 2002 is sponsored by the International Socialist Organization , publisher of Socialist Worker newspaper, and the Center for Economic Research and Social Change, publisher of the International Socialist Review




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