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New Leadership Slate on labor radio show Sunday

New Leadership Slate in IBT 743 interviewed on Labor Express radio show Sunday night, Feb. 4, 88.7 FM in Chicago, also live web streaming.
New Leadership Slate in Teamsters 743 Interview
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(Note new time, and web streaming info)

7pm, Sunday
February 4
88.7 FM

The interview with members of the New Leadership Slate in Teamsters 743 runs about 25 minutes, and will begin at the halfway point of the show, about 7:30. This rank-and-file slate is running delegates from IBT 743 to go to the International Convention to support Tom Leedham for International President in the next International election, and to bring about other reforms.

Can't get WLUW on your FM dial (best heard on Chicago's north side)? Don't despair! Hear it live on this streaming website. Just copy and paste:

For more information, contact Labor Express at:
wayneh (at)

Labor Express is a production of Committee for Labor Access,
which is affiliated with IBEW 1220. Views expressed are
those of Labor Express and not necessarily IBEW.



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