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!fuck milk days!

harvard milk days suck! message to all animal liberation/ vegan types out there. a few people might be down there to show the evils of dairy. maybe you can show your presence. read on if you are interested
The magic of milk days are upon us again this year. The evils of dairy aren’t being pointed out. I noticed the article in the herald this morning before I left for school. I don’t really know if anyone else is planning to go to this. As far as I know no one is. I might go with a few friends and try to set up a table, hand out literature, etc…. people can email me if they want to collaborate or combine efforts with me. The milk days are held from 5 pm Friday the 31st to Sunday the 33rd at milky way park ,route 173 and Lawrence , Harvard in McHenry. Peace love solidarity vegetables



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