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Nuns arrested for opposing state-sponsored torture, rape and murder

Two nuns were arrested for opposing state-sponsored torture, rape and murder. Surely the arrests occurred in Nazi Germany or Aparteid South Africa. No. They occurred outside the Chicago office of Illinois Senator Peter Fitzgerald.
The U.S. Congress demonstrated some ability to show remorse and shame when it ruled that its barbaric School of the Americas would begin operating under a new name as of January, 2001. The treacherous, Gestapo-style school, located in Ft Benning, Ga., would henceforth be known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. SOA, the acronym for School of the Americas, the former name, translated too easily into a more appropriate name: The School of the Assassins.

Two nuns associated with the 8th Day Center for Justice were not fooled by the name change. They visited the Chicago office of Senator Peter Fitzgerald to explain to him that torture, rape and murder are not ethical. Senator Fitzgerald refused to see them. Nuns don't have a lot of money to contribute to campaigns. If money is not involved, it's not worth the senator's time. The senator had them arrested
Torture, rape and murder are fine;
Opposing them is a crime.

It appears our illustrious junior senator could care less if his nation is sponsoring, with our tax money, training of thugs who work for dictators. In fact, the senator seems to approve of the process. He deems it to be a necessary tool for his rich transnational corporation contributors and friends to extract sweat and resources from third world people who really don't want to hand over their property and the fruits of their labors for little or nothing.



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