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From the book "The Great Betrayal: The Elite's War on Middle America" by Louis March & Brent Nelson 1995.
"But gun control is not about crime, it is about power. As crime continues out of control, globalists line their pockets and the working population sinks to ever lower living standards. The elite fears an armed citzenry in the days ahead."

"Disarming America would be another attack on the family by taking away their last line of defense against criminality run amok. Gun control threatens his traditional role of family protector as well. Into the resulting vacuum would enter Big Brother - the power of the state, the governing appartus of the elite."

"Since the legaliation of "concealed carry" in Florida, violent crime has decreased sharply."

The U.S. military and its massive arsenal are under the firm control of the corporate welfare state elite. But the militias have guns, and are not controlled by the elite. So big media attempted to demonize law-abiding militia people to the public."



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