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The real power behind the WTO meets in Cincinnati this November!

This November, 200 of the world's most pwerful CEO's will meet in Cincinnati, OH. under the name of the "Trans-Alantic Business Dialogue" to write the trade agenda for the WTO. Direct action protests against the TABD are being organized for November 16-18, in downtown Cincinnati at the Omni Netherlands Hotel-5th and Race St.
This November 16-18, the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) will hold their annual CEO conference in downtown Cincinnati at the Omni Netherlands Hotel. Members of the European Union's parliament and U.S. congressional representatives will meet with more than 200 American and European CEOs and business leaders to talk about issues that impact transatlantic trade and develop recommendations on how to best boost global trade and investment.

The T.A.B.D. makes recommendations that will set the tone for World Trade Organization policy. Over 50% of T.A.B.D. recommendations have been adopted for the WTO. One such corporation in attendance at the conference, BASF, who’s plant in Cincinnati blew up in the early 1990’s killing two
workers, injuring many more and also caused millions of dollars in damage will help with these negotiations!

The TABD claims to "offer an effective framework for enhanced cooperation between the transatlantic business community and the governments of the EU and US. An informal process whereby European and American companies and business associations develop joint EU-US trade policy
recommendations, working together with the European Commission and U.S.administration."

It's plain to see that the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue means more money and control in the pockets of top CEO and government officials so just like the WTO in Seattle and the IMF/World Bank in Washington DC demonstrations. It is time to voice our opposition. Join together and publicize the disastrous effects of global capitalism to people both outside and inside the United States. We need to tell world economic and business leaders that we will not calmly tolerate labor and agricultural annihilation before our eyes. What is left before us, our only hope for a
just and equal society, YOU!

Start talking to within communities about organizing affinity groups to come and converge in Cincinnati Ohio November 15-18 to make aware the growing nature of these undemocratic institutions. Join in workshops and
educational demonstrations of real democracy where we organize from the bottom up. Our convergence upon Cincinnati will be a symbol that we want to totally eradicate and abolish the injustice of global economic control by a few. No longer shall human life, animals and the environment be substituted for personal gain!

Come be apart of mass demonstrations, direct action and civil disobedience to show the TABD that we will not tolerate their current policies of global takeover by institutions that cater profit before people.

Without a peoples response to this matter we waive our right to practice the democratic process and put it into the T.A.B.D's hands. LET'S ORGANIZE NOW!

Workshops and training will be available at end of September and the week of the protest.

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For more on the transatlantic business dialogue see website. For direct action protest with updates, housing, and current information on N16 protests and teach-ins at




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