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Word of Advise in Rogers Park

Word of Advise for social justice activists looking for employment in Rogers Park
Dear potential Director of a social justice organization in Rogers Park:

My name is Francisco Ramos, and I am the former Director of a social justice organization in Rogers Park. If you are considering applying for employment at a social justice organization in Rogers Park, or if you know anybody who is, please let me give you a word of advise, from my own personal experience.

Ask the Board of Directors interviewing you the following:

1. A copy of the By-Laws and the Personnel Policy Manual for the organization

2. Whether or not the organization is paying the Unemployment Insurance to the State of Illinois, and if not, whether or not the organization is committed to putting that in order so that YOU can have unemployment insurance in case you need it

3. Copies of the audited financial statements for the last two years

4. Whether or not they paid vacation time in full to former employees when they left, and whether or not they are going to pay YOUR vacation time when you leave

5. A list of funding sources for the last two years. (Take the time to call some of them to make sure that you are walking on firm ground before you “jump”)

6. A list of organizations that they work with in Rogers Park. Again, call some of them and inquire about their working relationship with the organization that you are applying for employment to, just to make sure the ground is firm under your feet.

7. A list of former staff. Take the time to call them to learn a little about the history of the organization.

8. Visit the local Alderman and ask for references on the organization BEFORE you make your decision. After all, YOU will have to relate to the Alderman in many ways during your tenure there.

9. Don’t take their word at face value. It is YOUR professional career that is at stake. Keep an inquisitive attitude and don’t be mesmerized by the social justice aura around the organization.

And… good luck!

Peace and Solidarity to you



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