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Stick to US "Bio Terror" Lies, Jimmy!

Carter's lecture on US "free elections" may hit reality of higher political consciousness among most Cubans, and is at odds with the facts in any case.
Former president James Carter implored Cuban leaders to emulate US "democracy" and institute the "free elections" that are a supposed hallmark of that democracy.

Now lets see, both US parties are beholden to the interests of big business and support those interests. Not very good for labor here, and working people around the globe. Both are parties of war and racism. They give massive support to the so-called "war on terror" and the "Patriot Act" with its profiling, detentions based on secret supposed evidence, and vindictive criminal action based upon civil actions taken by victims of government harassment. Both parties support the Israeli terror regime. Not much choice there. [Sorry WEEKLY WORLD. I know you're gearing up to elect more Democrats.]

Now in the last supposedly "free election" in 2000 the bosses parties kept the Green Party and its candidate Ralph Nader out of the debates, the only meaningful way for an altenative to the Republicrats to get a hearing. They learned from the Ross Perot showing in 1992: An open debate on the issues is not a good thing for continued boss rule even if Perot was a Tweedledummer.

And counting all the ballots is not good either if the result had the slightest chance of showing up the racist exclusion from the franchise of African-Americans in Florida. [Al Gore did not highlight this, only the supposed counting irregularities.] So let the Supreme Count majority, which suddenly got religion on federal intervention in a state election process, enthrone the winner. And let Al Gore and almost all of the Democrats, say "Amen. Bush is our president, too! Let the democratic process continue!"

Some Cubans, claiming support from Carter, have petitioned for "reforms" to be written into the Cuban constitution. Like the elimination of socialist property relations. Sure. Let capitalism be written out of the US constitution at the same time. It took a war to eliminate human property from the US document's protection. So capital accumulation in private hands, if restricted in Cuba, sounds like a "reform" that ought to be retained. Seems that a majority of Cubans think so too, as the gains of the revolution have survived 40 years of hostility from the US government, including invasion by armed thugs of the Miami "gusano" Mafia.

Jimmy, please stick to putting the lie to US charges of Cuban "bioterrorism" research and exportation, and calling for the elimination of the trade embargo. Then come back and go on the human rights lecture circuit in the bastion of war and racism.



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