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Protest Boeing and Israel

Stand Up Against Boeing and Israeli Terror
When: Wednesday May 15th 4:30-6:30
Where: Boeing National Headquarters 100 N Riverside Plaza
(Washington St. on the WestBank of the Chicago River)
May 15th marks the 54th anniversary of the nakba, or the founding of the Zionist state of Israel. Israel’s creation instantly created 3 million refugees. This combined with the illegal and racist occupation of Palestinian land is maintained with massive amounts of military aid provided by the US government. With that military aid Israel buys Apache helicopters from Boeing.
These Apache helicopters are used by Israel in its brutal efforts to stamp out the Palestinian struggle for freedom. The Apache helicopters have been used to assassinate Palestinian leaders to fire upon Palestinian civilians and their homes, and to destroy the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority. We cannot let Boeing get away with raking in tens of millions of dollars in military contracts with the Israeli government over the bodies of dead Palestinians. Come to this protest to demand that Boeing stop providing these instruments of death, the Apache helicopters, to Israel.



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