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Palestinian suicide bombers getting younger

In an attempt to evoid detection, the "peace-loving" palestinians have begun recruiting non-male bombers to spread their campaign of death and fear.
TEL AVIV—In a disturbing escalation of the Palestinian suicide-bombing campaign, a Palestinian fetus exploded inside its Israeli mother Sunday evening, killing three. The blast killed the mother and two medical personnel, as well as injuring at least 8 other people in the Assaf Harofeh Hospital, in Tel Aviv.

The fetus was the potential daughter of a Palestinian father and an Israeli mother. Routine sonograms revealed the bomb just seconds prior to its detonation. It is not known how the bomb supplies were smuggled to the infant. The Israeli Secret Police (the Shabak) are investigating.

Yasser Arafat praised the bombing, declaring that "no Israeli womb will be safe against the legions of Holy Jihad Warrior suicide fetuses we are preparing" and that the bombings of uteri would continue until Israel agreed to a complete pullout of all fertile regions in the occupied territories.

Chief Inspector Avinoam Yerushalmi said that cell phone records and airline tickets indicated the fetus had been trained by the Izz el-Din al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas, based in Lebonan.

"Obviously," Yerushalmi said, "the fetus could not have been training for this terror attack for more than a couple of months."



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