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Aggressive Solidarity Outreach

Aggressive Solidarity Outreach
Aggressive Solidarity Outreach

This week's featured solidarity link is,
being promoted through the following domains.,

The weekly featured Solidarity link
is currently being promoted in the signature files
of over 73,000+ free labor related e-mail addresses:

In addition, a Solidarity random link generator has been launched:,
You may wish to bookmark this or add it to your favorites list,
or perhaps even make it your browser's start page.
It features random links to the organizations most of you
represent or belong to. You can easily surf the domain by
simply hitting your browser's refresh button.

There is also an aggressive banner promotion also
running on MSN.

The rights of working families around the globe do not
only need to be remembered on May Day or Labor Day,
but all year 'round.

In Solidarity,
Bob :)

LaborGroups, Defenders of the Faith
Chicago Jobs With Justice



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