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Setting a New Direction

God's power the sages say is benevolent to the noble souls, terrifying to the evil-minded, beautiful and sweet to the devoted, and is everything to those who seek the truth...
Setting a New Direction

Setting a new direction
Exceeds the reach of the intellect.
Steady self-examination
Gives you access to your soul.
Deep inside the cave of your heart
You receive unmistakable guidance.
By following the beam of its light
You comprehend the heart’s desires.

Otherwise, you steer your life
By the impulses of the senses;
There is no self-control, no sensible decision,
Just the endless striving to satisfy ambition.

The scriptures have set forth
Clear directions for all seekers.
Read them, study them, imbibe them,
And choose a direction
To reach the highest goal.

There will be times, unforeseen,
When you will need the Guru’s guidance.
Don’t get stuck in any one pattern;
Remain open and humble,
Without binding notions.

You may think it is you
Who is setting a new direction.
Truly, however, it is God
Who is shedding light on your path.
Sometimes, midstream, you are forced
To find a new direction.
Look deep into your heart;
It already knows the way.
The truth is,
Your heart is already there.



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