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More on French Election and role played by LCR and others

More on "Holy Unity" of some of the French left with Chirac, and position of French Workers Party
On the LCR and the Fight Against Fascism

[An earlier item published in the IMC newswire on the political situation between the two rounds and the role of the LCR noted the political positions adopted by Alain Krivine and his so-called Revolutionary Communist League (LCR), French section of the United Secretariat (USec). -L.D.]

A few additional remarks are in order:

An article in the Agence France Presse reports on the May 5, 2002 evening rally (following the official announcement of Chirac's election), which was called by the French Communist Party, the LCR, SOS Racisme, UNEF, and the Green Party. "The main theme from all the speakers at this evening rally at Place de la Bastille, organized by many left and anti-racist organizations, can be summed up in one word: We Won!"

The AFP release also notes some of the slogans on the picket signs, such as: "Chirac, We Elected You, but the Struggle Continues!"

No, the media did not get it wrong. The LCR, a party that fraudulently claims the mantle of the Fourth International, and its leaders were out in the street on the evening of May 5th to hail the victory of Chirac ... over fascism!

This stance was in keeping with everything the LCR leaders had stated and done during the two weeks between the first and second rounds of the presidential election.

A press release by Olivier Besancenot, presidential candidate of the LCR, was issued May 3rd and, quite naturally, distributed far and wide by a supportive media. He said, "I reaffirm without any hesitations that on Sunday May 5th, we must stop the National Front at the ballot box, just as we have done in the streets. On May 5th, go to the polls and vote against Le Pen!"

This echoed the position of the LCR Central Committee of April 28, which stated, in part: "The LCR calls on the French people to vote against Le Pen on May 5th. ... We are favorable to the largest and broadest anti-fascist unity, without any conditions or reservations."

In keeping with this statement, Alain Krivine, the main leader of the LCR, and Olivier Besancenot toured the country speaking at rallies to call for a vote against Le Pen -- meaning for Chirac. At one rally in Marseille, these LCR leaders even shared the stage with, and applauded the so-called anti-Len Pen statements, from the reactionary right wing (UDF) mayor of Marseille (though not a Le Pen supporter), Mr. Jean-Claude Gaudin.

No. May 5th did not mark a referendum against fascism in France. But it did mark a day when an unprecedented Holy Unity to stop Le Pen was wielded to mask the responsibility of the Chirac-Jospin Plural Left government in implementing the reactionary agenda of the European Union, the World Bank and the IMF.

It was a Holy Unity aimed at getting all the political establishment -- and all the trade unions and forces on the so-called left -- to get fully behind the anti-working class politics of the new Chirac government.

It was a Holy Unity aimed at preventing working people, both on May 5th and beyond, from charting an independent course against all who are responsibile for imposing the destructive policies of the ruling class.

It was a Holy Unity, moreover, that witnessed such groups as the LCR -- in the name of winning the "referendum against fascism" -- capitulate in the most crass form to the politics of Chirac, Maastricht and the IMF/World Bank.



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