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Jewish and Christian Fanatacism

Lots of column inches about Islamic fundamentalism. But where are the condemnations of Jewish and Christian rantings that lead to Palestinian death and destruction?
Copy of letter sent to USA Today which apparently exercised its "freedom" to not publish it.


Paul Wiseman's May 1, 2002, article on fanatical Jewish settlers residing in a sea of Palestinian hostility was useful. Although he did not make the connection, one could easily conclude that the religious fanatacism of Jews acting upon some alleged entitlement to the West Bank is akin to that of the bin Ladens of Islamic fanatacism. And the Christians who believe that Israel and its occupation of the entire land of biblical Israel and Judea fulfills prophecy of the supposed "second coming" of Jesus also make their contribution to fanatacism and hatred and killing.

But where are the angry editorials denouncing this extremism of Jews and Christians? Following 9-11 there were many column inches expended on Osama bin Laden and Islamic fundamentalism and how allegedly dangerous it is to Western civilization and US security. Cable news channels nearly wore out footage of bin Laden firing that automatic weapon. How about more coverage of the gun-toting settlers who believe the land occupied by Palestinian farmers rightly belongs to them by a devine decree that only they and their equally self-righteous Christian backers can hear? Aren't these folk and their army protectors as dangerous as the suicide bombers?

Bob Schwartz
Chicago, IL



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