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The Panther Rises in Red, But Flourishes in Green

To those attending the Socialism 2002 Rally in Chicago this summer, a call the merge and join individualism based human rights social justice politic direct democracy party, Green Party USA.
The Gore Vote Against Direct Democracy Green is the most "astounding civics and history lesson delivered...(learned)… in civic struggles that have occurred in
the US."

The Gore Vote ruined The Nader Vote, The LaDuke Vote, The Direct Democracy Vote, The Green Vote, The End of Oligarchy Servitude Vote, The End of Marginalization Vote.

All the Peoples’ Liberation from Tyranny Argued By The Revolutionary Communist Party and Upcoming Socialism 2000 Rally in Chicago is missing the historic failures of communism and socialism as national political systems aimed at the goal of social justice and human rights. Why be Red When You Can Be Green?

Green is both human rights and social justice direct.

Democracy Rising is a Green and Liberation Must that we cannot let the Prevailing Gus(t) or Winds Blow Away From Us. It’s not worth the revolutionary bookstore potlucks nor big thicket/ big bend (as in lording) bbq’s. WE need Direct Democracy politic and cultural norms and WE need the people of Verde Lean and Verde Gordo to allow democracy to radiate in the Sunflower, now that we’ve failed at direct electorate democracy by ass and trunk.

In union with the best of social ecology, social democracy, and human rights social justice politic, a solidarity needs to be built with the communist and socialist movements.

Green is an inclusion expansion beyond Red, the International Revolutionary Communist Party’s declared Color of this century.

We read your literature at rallies all over the USA and global. Will you read the Green Party Platform? Will you build a party of human rights social justice where Econocide, Ecocide, and Democracide are rooted up to along with Genocide to make room for the Sunflower in Gaia’s warmth? --Where the sickle and scythe, hammer and star will not cut down, reap, smash, or meteor-evaporate the seeds of liberation?

Will you join efforts with the USA’s only party of the 21st Century to have a 2002AD to 2012AD Campaign in a Green Whitehouse no matter what party occupies it? To make a unified commitment to the Greening of the Democratic Party and the Greening of the Republican Party seared in defeating oligarchy, corruption, all forms of slavery and servitude, and all forms of cultic violence and political amnesia?

To take to task, as the peoples’ revolution parties, social institution and government entity corruption and crime at all three levels and branches of power and duty.

To revision politics in an inclusionist history, present, and future.
To create new laws, cultural traditions, and agencies to guarantee direct democracy and freedom from paternalistic and cultic violence of national-span community crime ecclesia.

-So Mayor-abans and Governor-abans will wilt under the glow of democratic integrity and electorate direct practice.

The Panther rises in Red, but can only flourish if it lives in Green. The Revolution from the Wasteland Must Commit to the Wasteland’s Greening: Revolutions are Frauds When they Lead to Republics, of either socialism or family values, inherently oligarchies. Individualism is the foundation and green of all human rights from which social justice breaths and lives.

Piqua Verde 5/08/2002 3:36am EST



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