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A day in the life of a neo-rad

Since the original post was hidden by the "open-minded" censors of this site I thought it only fair to re-post so that you could see the "dangerous" content which obviously hits too close to home for some to read.
0800: Wake up and tiptoe around the house so as not to wake your parents in whose basement you live.

0805: Don’t take a bath (really important).

0810: Don’t comb hair; leave in hip “mussed” look made popular by Germans (slept in one position for 6 hours) and Brits (oily mussed look because bathroom plumbing is crap).

0830: Leave home and leave door unlocked either because you are too irresponsible to have a key or because you feel that anyone who wants to break in is justified because society has forced them into a life of crime.

0900: Go to nearest bar for coffee picked by slave-labor in Africa.

0910: Score some pot from a friend met on the street.

0930: Go to another bar to have an “early glass” with pothead friend – talk about stupid Americans and how much better quality of life is in Europe.

1012: Go to bar bathroom and smoke pot; bathroom really stinks – hasn’t been cleaned in a week, and there is piss on the floor.

1030: Have another beer – joined by friends – reality becomes a distant, out of focus distraction.

1100: Decide to join pro-Palestinian riot.

1105: Get on subway because you are either too poor to own a car or you foolishly believe that your not driving will save some endangered species somewhere on the planet.

1110: Use cell phone (paid for by parents) to call in sick at computer job or some other menial service related occupation.

1111: Join riot.

1112: Repeat anti-American, anti-Jewish slogans heard at riot; follow crowd; mimic crowd’s position; decide to become Communist, or Marxist, or Muslim, or all; hope state will pay for ideological training in some school.

1113: Buy cool Arafat scarf but fail to put on properly; decide to wear it around shoulders, like a Eurotrash sweater. Turbans are SO complicated!

1120: Beer, pot and rebellion feels good! – I'm making an independent statement about my strong political position in favor of freedom and democracy for all; leave riot and head back to middle-class (upper-class) suburban neighborhood bar or coffee house.

2030: Complain to friends in bar (coffee house) of being stressed out due to society’s unfairness toward the oppressed peoples of the world.

2230: Go home to get food and money from parents who couldn't care less about what you have been doing as long as you do it somewhere else.

2031: Log onto computer and join a chat room to rant incoherently about how society would be better off if brain-dead idiots like you ran the world.

2035: Flip between channels continually deriding the fact that no one in the "main-stream" establishment seems to share your perspective on geopolitical events. You are certain you are right and the other 99.5% of the world is wrong so it must be some sort of global conspiracy, lead by big corporate interests and secret government agencies, whose job it is to see to it that only the rich and powerful gain at the expense of the oppressed masses.

0130: Masturbate to a picture of Che or Noam, or some equally "enlightened" champion of the rights of the oppressed, in order to relieve the feelings of stress brought upon you by your “difficult” life and the fact that no one seems to truly understand you.

0200: Go to sleep in your subterranean hovel, in a bed which hasn't seen clean sheets this decade and dream about the coming revolution where all things will be made better through the judicious use of anti-establishment violence and social upheaval (smashing store windows, setting fires, looting, etc). Drift off to sleep still not understanding why more people don't share your vision of a utopian society. Plan to repeat the day’s events tomorrow.



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