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Local activists meet in Chicago to form a local FTAA Working Group -
On Wednesday (1/24) evening, over 30 people met to form the Chicago FTAA Working Group. The energy was high and the ideas were plenty. Some topics discussed were:

*Local Anti-FTAA action in April
*Ongoing FTAA Educational Forums, events, etc
*Planning a caravan to Quebec in April
*Organizing a caravan to Detroit (the US/Canadian border)

A listserv was developed. To subscribe please send an email to chicago_noftaa-subscribe (at)
The list is for FTAA relevant items ONLY!

To get involved come to the next meeting -- The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 7th, 7pm at the UNITE! Hall - 333 South Ashland. A few block south of the Ashland Green Line stop. Parking is available. The meeting space is wheelchair accessible.



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