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Curious George's Inaugural Adventure

A collection of wildly funny photos from the inuagural protests in Washington DC. If you'd like to add humorous pictures of your own, e-mail with pictures (less than 300k please), title, credits and we'll add your pic to the growing off-IMC page from which this article originates.

Curious George's Inaugural Adventures

...And you thought it couldn't get any more surreal!

A project of the DC Inaugural IMC Photo Collective
(Click the thumbnails to get bigger pics)

By Patrick Chee
Moons over Inauguration: A real federal asset
--Featuring the Direct Action Network of Chicago
By Erin Christensen
The Naked Cowboy shows up for the party
By Garth Liebhaber
Artists Rendering of George Bubble Butt
By Meghan Baker
Beanie Baby Bush's Fashion Statement
By John Logins
Military Waste
By Nancy Shia
Father G.W. Bush with his cash-filled Bible struts his stuff for the Religious Right.
By Tammi
Bush Lips
By Erin Christensen
Banana Republicans for Bush
By Tammi
I'm Hot for Your Lesbian Daughter

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