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Just Stand in the Squares - Labor Beat

Next Labor Beat (see cable tv schedule below) features segment on distribution of wealth among classes, and Chicago Workers Rights Board hearing
1) "Just Stand in the Squares"
Canadian labor educator D'Arcy Martin (author of "Thinking Union") presents a creative dramatization of economic class divisions, using audience participation, at a recent event sponsored by Chicago Center for Working Class Studies.

2) "Workers Rights Board"
Highlight from testimonies at April 6 Workers Rights Board hearings at IBEW 134 Hall, focusing on effects of economic crisis on working class.

CAN-TV, Cable Channel 19 in Chicago
May 2, Thurs., 9:30 pm
May 3, Fri., 4:30 pm
May 9,Thurs., 9:30 pm
May 10, Fri., 4:30 pm

Photo: D'Arcy Martin leads demonstration on distribution of wealth
Photo credit: Labor Beat

This video can be purchased by sending $20 check made out to:
Labor Beat
37 S. Ashland
Chicago, IL 60607

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