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The Term "Thought Disorder" Invention of American Psychiatrists.

From the book "The Meaning of Mind" by Thomas Szasz.
From the book "The Meaning of Mind" by Thomas Szasz.

"There is no pathological tests for schizophrenia."

"The present psychiatric focus on schizophrenia resembles Freud's focus on neurosis."

"71% of college students reported hearing voices."

"Richard Feynman examined for military service...says he hears voices and classified as 4F."

"Freud went to his grave still believing that masturbation caused mental illness."

"Although psychiatrists are reputed to be understanding and adept at decoding the communications of mentally disordered persons, the opposite is the case. It is the mental health professional to define the crazy Other's speech as gibberish, the unintelligible discharge of his diseasesd brain."



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