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When: Monday, May 13th, 11:00 AM
Where: Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, 301 E. North Water St.

Each day brings news of more threats of war sponsored by George Bush and the Congressional leaders of both parties:

- The US continues to underwrite the violent Israeli occupation of Palestine.

- The US openly organizes yet another war against Iraq, a transparent bid to increase US domination of the people and resources of the Middle East.

- The US insults the Puerto Rican people by using the post-9/11 political climate to renew its domination of Vieques.

- Bush et al show their contempt for democracy by supporting the recent coup attempt in Venezuela and upping funding for Colombia's military which, along with the right wing death squads allied with it, is responsible for the murder of scores of union leaders, human rights activists, and other Colombian citizens.

On the domestic front, the administration tramples on the rights of all immigrants, with little opposition from most politicians of either party. Bush, and Clinton before him, essentially decreed that the Bill of Rights do not apply to immigrants. Attorney General John Ashcroft openly racially profiles Arabs, rounding up thousands, and imprisoning hundreds without criminal charges and without bail, such as Rabih Haddad. Amnesty for immigrants, once a prominent part of the mainstream national agenda, was quickly shelved after 9/11, as immigrants as a group are scapegoated for the terror attacks. Civil liberties for all of us are much diminished thanks to the USA/Patriot Act, which among other things makes it easier for the government to unilaterally destroy organizations by seizing their assets and claiming "secret evidence" requires them to do so.

Recently we learned that the principle organizer of US war crimes abroad and destruction of civil liberties at home, George W. Bush, will be visiting Chicago on Monday, May 13 to speak at a fundraiser for Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan. While as a group we take no position on the governor's race, we believe that regardless of our political differences, it is incumbent upon all progressive Chicagoans to demonstrate together against Bush.

The struggle of Palestinians and their supporters around the world have already shown the potential strength that large numbers of "ordinary" people have to at least delay, if not stop, the seemingly unstoppable US superpower -- in spite of the administration's best efforts, war against Iraq has been postponed at least several months. Heightened struggle around the world might force them to further shelve plans for war, and it is incumbent upon people in the US to do our part in support of this worldwide anti-war effort.

Protest George Bush! Stop the War Abroad and at Home!

Free Palestine! No U.S. invasion of Iraq! U.S. out of Vieques and Colombia! Stop the attacks on civil liberties! Amnesty for immigrants! Stop racial profiling!

When: Monday, May 13th, 11:00 AM

Where: Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, 301 E. North Water St.

(The Sheraton is located at the corner of North Water Street and Columbus Drive, just north of the Chicago River.)

For PDF flyer, click here

To co-sponsor the protest or for more information, please call (888) 471-0874, or e-mail CABNstopthehate (at)

Sponsored by the Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, Centro Sin Fronteras, National Boricua Human Rights Network, Committee for a Democratic Palestine, Free Palestine Alliance, Palestine Aid Society, Palestinian American Council, International Socialist Organization, Chicago Area Anti-Bashing Network, Colombia on the Ground, DePaul Students Against the War.




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