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March For Neutrality Feb 1st !

They believed in their employer and he let them down!

Now they want SEIU Local 73 to Represent them !

February 1st We are Marching For Neutrality !
February 1st
4 pm
St. Bronislava Head Start
8716 So. Colfaz - So. @ 2600 E.

Project Learn II is a non-profit organization that has a contract with the Department of Human Services to provide Head Start services for low-income families. Project Learn II had started out doing some good for the community but over a number of years its mission has been lost. Instead, it has taken advantage of its employees by not paying them in a timely manner and terminating employees for supporting the union.

LET'S send a strong message to Project Learn II. Let that message say that unions, politicians, clergy along with the community will not stand for any worker being mistreated in any way while attempting to form a union. Let's put the pressure on Project Learn II and maybe then they will understand how the workers feel.

For info contact SEIU Local 73 Organizing Department



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