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Protest Nike's union-busting and intimidation of Workers!
Two weeks ago workers at teh Kukdong factory in Atlixco de Piebla, Mexico went on strike. Their demands were recognition of their union over a company union, better food in teh cafeteria and payment of their x-mas bonuses. After the workers took over teh factory, riot police attacked them and forced them out. Fifteen workers had to be taken to the hospital. Many workers have since been cooerced to resign. Some workers have returned to work, but many have not. Moreover, Nike is the largest buyer of Kukdong products and has done very little to improve the current situation at Kukdong.

*Immediately reinstate all of the workers illegally fired last week for organizing inside of the factory

**Stop the illegal firings happening en masse at this moment against workers who participated in the protest, and ensure tha tno reprisals are taken against anyone who participated in the strike.

***Drop the bogus charges filed against at least 6 workers and their supporters.

****Recognize the Kukdong Workers' Coalition as the legitimate, democratice, and independent representative of the workers at Kukdong and agree to deal with them as such.

For more information contact Tom Strunk
tstrunk (at)



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