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Chgo. Coalition Against War & Racism support for terrorist organizations

Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism has spoken out on behalf of terrorist organizations in the Chicago area. Information from US v. Benevolence International Fund -
In January of 2002, the Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism called on the public to rally to the aid of the Benevolence International Fund (BIF), an Islamic charity based in Palos Hills, IL whose assets were seized in December 2001. Today, Federal indictments were handed down against BIF and its director, Ennam Arnaout, a/k/a "Abu Mahmoud" a/k/a "Abdel Samia" for their efforts in supporting the Al Qaeda terrorist network. Among the most disturbing revelations in the indictment include recovered documents which urge donors to give generously to the charity to support “Steeds of war projects” (a Koranic reference to inciting "terror into the hearts of enemies”). The indictment indicates that Arnaout and BIF officials had contact with Mamdouh Salim, an Usama bin Laden associate who participated in efforts to bomb the US embassies in Africa and to obtain nuclear and chemical weapons for al Qaeda. Also recovered from BIF documents was a 1999 Seattle Times article regarding the use of smallpox as a biological weapon. Sections of the text regarding the lack of readiness in the US to such an attack were highlighted by the reader and clipped from the rest of the paper.

People, this is who you are supporting. Whether you like it or not, our fates are tied together – weapons of mass destruction do not discriminate between the “neo-liberals” and the “anarchists”. Smarten up. And if you don’t, be prepared to face the consequences.

Info on the January action can be found here -



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