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Action Alert: Protest Predatory Landlord, Sat. Jan 27

Help community organizations pressure David L. Glassman, predatory landlord and owner of Spin Nightclub into stopping his illegal efforts to squeeze long term residents out of a Rogers Park building he just bought.
- Urgent Action Alert -

Help Rogers Park tenants pressure David L. Gassman, a really nasty landlord into good faith negotiations and an end to illegal/immoral behavior!

Saturday, January 27
10:00 PM (yes, that's 10 at night)
Spin Nightclub (that's why it's at night)
800 W. Belmont

David L. Gassman, aka DLG management also owns the Spin Nightclub. Rogers Park Community Action Network (RPCAN) and Queer to the Left are collaborating on this action to pressure Gassman to stop trying to illegally squeeze
responsible, long-term residents out of the Rogers Park building he just bought, entering peoples apartments without notice, refusing to fix anything in some units and tearing out kitchens and bathrooms in others in order to hassle people out, refusing to return security deposits, etc. and never even bothered to get building permits.

He wants to "upgrade" the building ... Gee, where have we heard that before?? He's refused to even meet with the tenants. All we want is good faith negotiations to make sure people get the decency and respect they deserve.
WE need your support! Tell your friends! Spread the word!

Here's how you can help:

1. Meet us at the RPCAN office (1543 W. Morse) at 8:30PM to make signs and slogans We'll head down to Spin from RPCAN around 9:15. (Let me know if you can drive)


2. Meet us at Spin, 800 W. Belmont 10:00pm, ready to chant and pass out leaflets


3. Call Gassman next week (773) 327-7711 or (773) 665-0103
Tell him to stop abusing tenants. Remind him that he needs us to stay in business and he should treat all his tenants and customers with respect.

From 10 til 11:30 pm or so, we will picket, chant and pass out flyers to customers asking them to call Gassman and ask him to stop being such a jerk.

Remember, an injury to one is an injury to all!

Rogers Park Community Action Network
Queer to the Left



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