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Mayday Carnival Against Capitalism, Chicago: Photos

Photos from Sunday's Carnival Against Capitalism on Chicago's South Side, celebrating the Mayday worker's holiday. (article 3)
1-4. The march kicks off from Douglas Park.
5. Samba drummers from Oberlin, Ohio rehearse with the ad-hoc Samba band.
6-7. The Samba band leads the march.
8-15. Celebrants march, chant, and show off costumes and props, as march proceeds between the Little Village and Pilsen neighborhoods.
16. Marchers hand out flyers explaining Mayday and the Carnival Against Capitalism to spectators.
17. Organizers negotiate with police near the intersection of 19th and Damen, while IMC film crew looks on with cameras rolling.
18. A member of the art brigade disassembles his mobile trash art as police blockade 18th street.
19. The carnival raps up with an extended drum jam in Harrison Park.



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