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Chicago Muckrakers - We Must Unite!

Tired of sitting on your ass while our government/corporations/military trashes everything?? Let us find a way to ORGANIZE, HAVE FUN, take DIRECT ACTION and RAISE OUR VOICES!!
I am tired of watching the corporate lies the TV spews at me. I am tired of sitting home, alone and isolated, with no avenue to raise my voice and express just how pissed off I am at the injustices wrought by my country's government/mega-corporations/military. I am unemployed so I have tons of free time.

Now I KNOW I'm not the only one in this situation in this city! Let us find a way to ORGANIZE, HAVE FUN, take DIRECT ACTION and RAISE OUR VOICES!! Is there some onine resource where we can meet up, discuss actions, plan to meet, etc? Surely there's some message area where muckrakers/anarchists are planning at this very minute... If you know about these resources PLEASE post a reply - I will check back regularly.

I have a mini-dv camcorder so once we plan something and execute it we can film it and we can get it online so our actions can have a bigger effect. I've been thinking about some action involving shopping carts, which you can find lying around the city easily enough. Maybe put a giant sign on one and wheel it out to the shoulder of the interstate or put it on an overpass... or perhaps we could make some big cardboard float/monster - we could even do this "Junkyard Wars" style! All meet at a certain place, bring only some duct tape paint and markers, scavenge for everything else, decide on a theme (Capitalism Kills?), construct our cart monster, and wheel him around. Could we even cut a hole in the basket so someone could stand inside and move the thing around?



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