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May Day Conference

Chicago May Day Conference: Another Midwest is Possible!!

Saturday April 27th

“From Local to Global: the Midwest on Fire”

A forum for organizing and strategizing

“Welcome to a space to educate ourselves about realities and flash point struggles in the Midwest, to get involved, to coordinate, to network, to design common strategies, and finally to link our activism to the global

Welcome to the MAYDAY Conference. During this conference, you will have the opportunity to participate in:

*Organizing Workshops on Midwest struggles: Activists from the Midwest networking and coordinating strategies around issues such as housing, education, police brutality, amnesty, farm work, labor, indepentdent media and more!

Friendly requirement for each workshop: an ACTION PROPOSAL to be shared at the end of the day!!!

*Morning & Evening Panels about Global issues: Speakers from Haiti, Argentina, Philippines, the Institute for Social Ecology, United for a Fair Economy and more!

9 AM Registration, Lecture Center D-4

9:30 –11:15 Welcome and Morning Panel:  “Critiques of Global Capitalism”

11:30 – 1  Morning Workshops:  Activists from the all around the Midwest networking and coordinating around vital issues such as housing, education,
the environment, labor, independent media and more!


2 – 3:30 Afternoon Panel:  “Another World is Possible:  Alternatives to Global Capitalism”

3:30 – 5  Afternoon Workshops

*Coffee break*

5:15 – 5: 30  Report back:  Sharing and discussing the ‘action proposals’ that came out of each workshop, building a “Collective Action Time Line”

Workshops and Locations:

All the workshops are in taking place in Stevenson Hall.

‘FIGHTING FOR A ROOF’: Affordable housing and the struggle against gentrification in the Midwest.   Stevenson Hall 100

‘QUALITY EDUCATION- FIGTHING THE CORPORATE AGENDA’: Public Education: Whose schools? Our schools?  Stevenson Hall 101

‘INDEPENDENT MEDIA: Altertnative to mainstream media. Stevenson Hall 103

'THIS IS OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!’: Keeping our streets safe from POLICE BRUTALITY & RACIAL PROFILING  in the MIDWEST.  Stevenson Hall 104

‘PAPELES PARA TODOS-No human is illegal’: Immigrant Rights and Amnesty. Stevenson Hall 107

‘BRINGING THE INTIFADAH to the MIDWEST’: The struggle for Palestinian Liberation & How to build more solidarity in this region.  Stevenson Hall 111

‘PATRIARCHY AT THE BARRICADES’: Building egalitarian movements, organizations, meetings . . .!  Stevenson Hall 115

‘ECOLOGY & GLOBALIZATION’: Defending our survival & sustaining our future in the Midwest.  Economic alternatives, livable communities,  sustainable technologies, etc.  Stevenson Hall 119

‘DEFENDING THE AGRO in the MIDWEST’: Family Farms, Rights and Justice for Farm workers, and Food Sovereignty.  Stevenson Hall 120

‘CHALLENGING CORPORATE PSYCHIATRIC OPPRESSION”: A critique of the globalization of the Mental Health Industry.   Stevenson Hall 203

‘A SUCCESFUL CAMPAIGN’: the struggle against Corporate Animal Cruelty. Stevenson Hall 207

‘STOPPING THE “ENDLESS WAR” AT HOME and ABROAD’: Efforts by the anti-war movement in the Midwest.  Stevenson Hall 208

‘WORKERS OF THE MIDWEST UNITE!! Labor Struggles in the Region’: Building Rank and File Control & Solidarity for and amongst Workers from the bottom up.  Stevenson Hall 211

‘IMMIGRANT LABOR’: Fighting for Rights for Undocumented Workers and Day Laborers.  Stevenson Hall 212

‘POPULAR EDUCATION AS A REVOLUTIONARY TOOL’: Learn this incredible technique to change the Midwest!  Stevenson Hall 215

‘BRING REFLECTION TO THE MOVEMENT!’: Sharing experiences to make activism more reflective in the Midwest.  Stevenson Hall 216


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