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Our genius politicians just passed a bill where the cops can search our houses without telling anyone and they are secret - forever!
Our genius politicians have just passed a bill making a secret police force. The coppers can go into your home without telling you or anyone, and it is all secret - in fact, it is secret forever, off the record - no one can see it - ever! We are living in a police state boys and girls. Starve A Feeding Bureaucrat. They are so stupid and evil they are dangerous! Kiss their boots - or else! They are the new rulers. They want your land, your house, your car, your kids and they are making up the laws as they go - to get whatever they want - with no responsibility. They can do what they like to us, and get away with it. They even want to take our guns - so they can abuse us without worrying that we will defend ourselves! They want total control and power over us.



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