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Organize Campaign to Divest from Israel

Organizing Meeting to Divest from Israel sponsored by the Committee for a Democratic Palestine and the International Socialist Organization.
This past weekend's demonstration in Washington D.C. of upwards of
75,000 and 25,000 in San Francisco is a tremendous display of
solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people to fight the
racist and illegal Israeli occupation.
It is a clear indication that there are literally tens of thousands
of people in this country who want to join in the struggle not only
to help liberate Palestinian people but to also put pressure on our
own government to stop funding the murderous Israeli regime.
Hundreds of people mobilized around the Chicago area alone to go to
Washington and register their protest against the treatment of the
Palestinian people and the U.S. government's collaboration with the
Israeli government. But there is more we can do.

An organizing meeting has been set for Thursday April 25th at 6:30pm
at Columbia College --35 Congress, enter on Wabash, in room 309 on the third floor-- to discuss and plan a divestment campaign
against the Israeli state. Every year the U.S. government takes our
tax dollars and sends billions of dollars in direct military aid to
the Israeli military forces. Moreover, hundreds of millions more
goes to building illegal and racist Israeli settlement homes on Arab
land. This funding is in addition to the billions the Israeli state
receives in the form of direct investment from private American
We have to build a divestment movement that shames these American
corporations into taking their money out of Israeli and that can
additionally inform people that their tax money is used to kill and
maim Palestinians and destroy their homes and land.

There is a precedent for this kind of activity. In the 1980s,
thousands of activists and college students organized a divestment
campaign directed at the racist regime in South Africa. This
movement went a long way in educating the public about this
country's collaboration with the racist South African government.
It also applied real pressure on American companies and the American
government to get out of South Africa. We can do this again.

This meeting is open to anyone who is interested in helping to
organize a divestment campaign in Chicago. This meeting has been
called by the Committee for a Democratic Palestine and the
International Socialist Organization. We welcome everyone's

There will also be represenatives from Chicago Al-Awda in attendance
to discuss actions coming up next week. For more information please
call 773.317.0027.



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