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Chicagoan Still Missing While Local Solidarity Protest for Gaza Gears Up

Chicago mobilizes! From the newswire: "Protests in support of the aid convoy attacked by Israeli commandos in international waters on Saturday have been occurring around the world, with Chicagoans scheduled to protest at 4:30 PM on Tuesday, June 1, in front of the Israeli consulate at 111 E. Wacker Dr. in Chicago.

"Chicagoans continue to anxiously await word of the condition of a Chicago woman aboard the aid flotilla, Fatima Mohammadi, who was traveling with hundreds of fellow human rights supporters on the Mavi Marmara, a passenger ship traveling as part of a six-ship flotilla seeking to bring vital goods to Gaza, which has been besieged by an Israeli blockade since 2006. On Saturday, Israeli commandos attacked the vessel, killing at least ten and wounding dozens of others, in international waters as the convoy steamed towards Gaza."

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