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Chicago's Anti-Protester Disorderly Conduct Ordinance Ruled Unconstitutional

Who's disorderly?From the newswire: "US District Judge John Grady ruled on Friday [March 13] that a significant part of the Chicago’s Disorderly Conduct Ordinance was an unconstitutional violation of freedom of expression guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Police have repeatedly used the ordinance to harass anti-war protesters.

HOWEVER, police enforcement of the Ordenance will continue while the City appeals the judges ruling.

"The ruling stems from a lawsuit brought by Donald Goldhamer and Robin Schirmer after charges against the two were dismissed in a Chicago court. Goldhamer, Schirmer and five others were arrested on July 2, 2006 after distributing leaflets near the armed forces recruiting booth at the Taste of Chicago Festival in Grant Park."

Read more | Summary judgment


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