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Heavy-handed Chicago Raid Sparks Community Protests

Si, se puede! A Chicago Indymedia newswire post from the Latino Union reads: "Armed with machine guns, the FBI and ICE [on Wednesday, April 25] sealed off a popular shopping center at 26th & Albany and according to community reports, temporarily detained more than 160 shoppers while carrying out their action." Community members immediately took to the streets to protest the hard-handed police response.

Ostensibly, the raid sought to a break up a counterfeit-identifiying-documents ring, but an article by the New York Times reports: "The raid angered some immigration-rights advocates, who said they believed that it was carried out to intimidate the immigrant community just days before a May 1 rally on proposed changes in immigration policy." Read more

Additional Coverage: Gapers Block | ICE Press Release | Chicago Daily Southtown


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