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Activists Appeal City’s Refusal to Permit March on War's 2nd Anniversary

logoThis Wednesday, peace activists will appeal the City of Chicago's decision to deny them a permit to march south on Michigan Avenue to the Federal Plaza on March 19 to oppose the second anniversary of the war on Iraq.

The City instead wants peace activists to march down empty side-streets well away from public view -- a proposal activists say marginalizes their message in this anti-war city and undercuts their right to free speech and public assembly at a time when basic freedoms in this country are under increasing attack.

Peace activists are urging supporters to attend Wednesday's hearing, which is expected to last the better part of the day, even if they can only stay for a short time.

The public hearing comes two days after attorneys for hundreds of anti-war protesters asked for class action status in their lawsuit against cops and city officials for illegally detaining and arresting them on March 20, 2003, the day the war began. Read more.




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