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Chicago Indymedia to Premier New Documentaries, Video Skills Workshop

Friday, July 9 and Saturday July 10: Police across the country -- from New York to Chicago -- have embraced the Miami model, an evolving set of police tactics deployed with ferocious force during the Miami FTAA protests last year. Join Chicago Indymedia for the midwest premier of "The Miami Model" -- a new Indymedia documentary about what happened in Miami, what may be coming to a city near you, and what steps activists are taking to tackle this new threat to dissent. Friday, 8PM @ Chicago Filmmakers - 5243 N. Clark St. | Saturday, 8PM @ Buddy Gallery - 1542 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl.

Saturday July 10: While cops in the states are honing their toolkit of repressive tactics, popular movements across Latin America are fighting back. This Saturday, Chicago Indymedia will premier "Venezuela Bolivariana" -- a new documentary about the roots and radical actions of the grassroots Bolivarian movement in Venezuela, and how this movement interconnects with movements for social and economic justice throughout Latin America and abroad. Saturday, 10PM @ Buddy Gallery - 1542 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl.

Sunday, July 11: "Shooting With Purpose: Digital Witnessing to Safeguard Human Rights". This hands-on video skills workshop for DNC/RNC/Chicago video activists will be hosted by independent filmmakers Brandon Jourdon and Jay Cookson, and focus on sharing documentary video skills and concrete strategies for citizen enforcement of police accountability during the upcoming DNC/RNC events. Sunday, 1-4 PM @ Buddy Gallery - 1542 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl.

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