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Chicago Indymedia premieres television show

Chicago Indymedia premiered its very own television show on February 8th on CAN-TV. Named "Chicago Independent Television", this show is produced by Chicago Indymedia's video collective, a convergence of media activists, filmmakers, corporate and amateur videographers, many of whom joined the Indymedia movement as a response to the Iraq war.

The lead story in episode #1 of Chicago Independent Television documented Chicago activists commemorating the anniversary of the assassination of Isidro Segundo Gil. The anniversary of Gil's death has been taken up as a rallying point for the international movement to boycott Coca-Cola for its human rights abuses throughout the world. Other stories included an interview with Reverend Jose Landaverde about the Latino Union and coverage of a protest against police brutality and racial injustice that took place in St. Joseph. The first episode was rounded out by scathing criticisms of corporate media from the likes of Studs Terkel, Amy Goodman, Al Franken and Billy Bragg from their speeches and performances at the Be the Media Conference and the National Conference on Media Reform.

"We're still looking for activist videos," self-quote. "Get it to us, we'll put it on the air. We want this to be more than a monthly series, but for that to happen we need more material and more volunteers."

The collective has just finished production on episode #2. Look for internet versions of both episodes soon.

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