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Wounded Palestine Solidarity Activist Brian Avery to Speak in Chicago

Brian Avery

On April 5, 2003, Israeli occupation troops in the West Bank city of Jenin shot International Solidarity Movement activist Brian Avery in the face from an armored personnel carrier. Both Avery -- a 24 year old U.S.citizen from Albuquerque, New Mexico -- and another ISM activist who was with him were clearly marked as observers, and were standing still with their hands in the air from the moment they heard the APC lumber down the deserted street. Israeli military sources and corporate news accounts intially dismissed the attack as an accident -- a claim that has since been debunked.

Brian was severely wounded in the incident. Since his return to the US, he has already undergone three facial reconstruction operations and faces at least two more in the near future.

The Chicago chapter of the ISM is coordinating a speaking tour by Brian Avery in Chicago and Illinois from January 10 - 20. Endorsing organizations include Northwestern Suburban SUSTAIN, Palestine Aid Society, Palestine Solidarity Group, Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, American Friends Service Committee, Genewise, Logan Square Neighbors for Justice and Peace, Not In My Name, Peoria Area Peace Network, Stone Soup Cooperative, Students for Justice in Palestine (U of C), Students for Social Justice and Voices in the Wilderness. Tour organizers hope to raise funds for the Brian Avery Medical Fund -- and public awareness of the absymal conditions Palestinians continue to endure under Israeli occupation. Read More

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