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MIAMI/FTAA: Jail Conditions Desperate As Police Repression Continues

Sunday, November 23, 5PM CST: More than a hundred people remain in jail in Miami under extremely harsh conditions, particularly for people of color, queer and transgendered people, according to Miami legal volunteers and reports on the ground from this week's protests against the FTAA. Miami Legal Defense, or MAD, has called the level of police violence unprecedented. Read more.

One person who was shot with a pellet bag projectile remains hospitalized with a skull fracture. He has lost vision and ocular mobility in the eye injured in the incident, and is asking people who witnessed his attack to call 1-800-699-2466/ box # 9224873887 with contact information. Another young activist of Mexican heritage who police beat remains hospitalized in critical condition with a brain hemorrhage.

Chicago activists continue their efforts to raise bail money for those who remain jailed, with a priority on higher-risk arrestees, including people of color, queer and transgendered people, and women.

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