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LOCAL: CIVIL LIBERTIES: Good and Bad News: Chicago City Council Passes Diluted Resolution Against USA Patriot Act

The good news: On October 1, the Chicago City Council approved a resolution against the USA PATRIOT Act by a 37-7 vote. Chicago thus becomes the largest city in the United States to pass a resolution against the USA PATRIOT Act.

The bad news: As even the corporate media acknowledges, the resolution which did pass was watered down in tone, urging merely to "monitor implemention" of the Act and repeal "only those sections..that violate fundamental rights and liberties." Despite these concessions, 7 aldermen voted against the resolution: James Balcer (11th); Edward M. Burke (14th); Ginger Rugai (19th); William Banks (36th); Tom Allen (38th); Brian Doherty (41st) and Patrick Levar (45th).

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