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CIVIL LIBERTIES, TECH, ENVIRONMENT: Symposium on Major New Surveillance Technology Faces Protest, ACLU-Led Lawsuit

Radio Frequency Identification
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology which combines miniature computer chips in every consumer item and a flood of radio broadcast intercepts. The goal is to track every individual purchase--indeed, every individual item on Earth--at all times everywhere.

RFID, billed as an "improved bar code", holds incredible negative implications for personal privacy, civil liberties, public health and the environment. Many major corporations, fearing massive public opposition to RFID, hope to secretly implement RFID by 2004.

Chicago takes center stage in the RFID fight, as Chicago's McCormick Place hosts the Electronic Product Code Symposium, September 15-17, 2003. Activists for a national consumer-protection organization opposed to RFID plan to protest the Symposium. Despite refusals from McCormick Place security, the activists are retaliating with an ACLU-led First Amendment lawsuit against McCormick Place.

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