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LOCAL: CULTURE JAMMING: Saturday, July 19: Video Resistance -- Indy Film Screening/Roundtable Forum

Join Andersonville Neighbors for Peace, Women in the Director's Chair, and Chicago Indymedia this Saturday, July 19 at 7:30PM for a screening of documentary shorts and alternative video from Chicago and beyond that tackle topics from Benton Harbor to the Bush war machine. The screenings will be followed by a freewheeling discussion with local indy video directors and reps from CIMC and AN4P, who will talk about the anti-war movement, independent video as a tool for progressive change -- and where the peace movement is going in the wake of growing government militarism and the increasing resistance in Iraq to U.S. occupation. The event kicks off AN4P's new monthly progressive video screening series. Read more... | flyer | handbill | poster




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