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GLOBAL JUSTICE: Chicago Snubbed As 2004 G8 Host; Coastline Georgia Resort Chosen Instead

Sea Island, Georgia

Chicago-area activists have speculated for months that Chicago might be selected as the 2004 host city for the annual G8 conference of the world's eight major government powers.

The G8, instead of customarily announcing the venue at the end of the 2003 G8, delayed its announcement of the 2004 venue for nearly a month-and-a-half. Now, the G8 has finally announced that Sea Island, Georgia--a seaside resort on the Georgia coastline--will host the 2004 G8.

The July 16, 2003 Wall Street Journal reports: "Georgia said Sea Island has been chosen to host next year's G-8 summit, in line with recent venues from which protesters can be kept easily." Read more: [1 | 2]

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