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WASHINGTON, DC: Sept 25-30: Global Justice Movement Mobilizes Against IMF - WB and War in Iraq

Against the backdrop of the Bush Administration's march toward war with Iraq, the IMF and World Bank will convene their annual meetings in Washington DC this weekend. They will be met by thousands of protesters - including Chicago global justice activists - seeking an end to the neo-liberal development policies that have, for over 50 years guided these institutions resulting in poverty, ecological devastation and world wide war. Teach-ins, trainings, lectures, and rallies will be taking place all week culminating in a Peoples Strike aimed at shutting DC down on Friday (9.27) and a Mobilization for Global Justice rally, march, and IMF/World Bank Quarantine on Saturday (9.28). On Sunday (9.29) morning there will be peoples assemblies and in the afternoon a march against the impending war on Iraq.

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