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ANTI-WAR UPDATE: US House and Senate Capitulate to Bush and Vote for War on Iraq

Friday, Oct 11 - Shortly after 1:00 AM (ET) the U.S. Senate voted - 77 to 23 - to join the House of Representatives in authorizing the Bush Administration plan to launch a war against Iraq.

TUESDAY, 10/15 - EMERGENCY PROTEST: 5:00 PM Hotel Inter-Continental, 505 N. Michigan Ave.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw -- a key player in the Bush war team -- will speak in Chicago on October 15. His agenda? To promote the war on Iraq -- a key part of the strategy to create a new global empire...with U.S. corporate interests at the top of the heap. Letís give him a Chicago-style welcome. Full Story | Download flyer

Previous Anti-War Actions in Chicago
- Oct. 6: An estimated 4000 protesters packed a plaza near the Chicago River and thousands marched up Michigan Ave. after listening to speeches and performances organized by Not In Our Name. Full Story
[ Photo Gallery 1 | Photo Gallery 2 ]

- Oct. 7: More than 600 people gathered at the Federal Plaza Monday evening, Oct 7th and took their demand for peace to the streets. Convened by the Chicago Coalition Against U.S. Militarism, the action drew support from dozens of groups across the city who gathered to oppose the Bush administration's push for war. Photos

National Anti-War Links:
International ANSWER Coalition | American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee | Voices in the Wilderness | Not in Our Name | Iraq Action Coalition | National Network to End The War Against Iraq | Iraq Peace Pledge | United for Peace | National Peace Action | SUSTAIN

Educational Resources:
Middle East Research and Information Project | Education for Peace in Iraq Center | The Iraq Journal | International Action Center | Z Net Iraq Watch





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