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DC PROTESTS: Tens of thousands take to DC streets; mainstream press takes no notice

On Sat. April 20 a reported 75-100,000 people took to the street to protest events in Palestine and the Bush administration's support of Israel, the war on terrorism, attacks on civil liberities and global economic injustice. While many diverse groups converged in DC to protest many aspects of social, political and economic injustice, including the policies of the IMF/World Bank and the continuing war in Afghanistan, the overwelming feeling of the day was one of solidarity with the people of Palestine and Arab-Americans.

Witnesses on the ground report one of the most diverse groups they have ever witnessed at any large mobilization. Even with the huge numbers in the street the mainstream press did its best to ignore the protest.

Little violence or police aggression was reported at the main protests Saturday. Arrests occurred at Friday's Critical Mass bike ride, and at a Food Not Bombs action Saturday evening (see pics and a firsthand report of this incident by a member of the "Stir-Fry 25" .)

Police violence is reported to have marred the scene at the A20 solidarity protests in Seattle.

Actions against the military aggression and unjust economic policies of the Bush administration, as well as the policies of Israel and Ariel Sharon, continue through Monday. Sunday's events include a mobilization festival in solidarity with the people of Colombia.

Photos from DC Actions

Photo essays from A20 by CIMC's Chris Geovanis:
Signs of the Times , Young People's Power! and We Are All Palestinians!

Protest photos by Meaghan Conlisk

5 Photos from A20 Free Palestine Global Resistance - All A20
Images of DC protest marches
Protest photos by Wilbur
CIMC daily report from A20

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